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In addition to meeting a need for precision dance training in the High Country, the Carolina Snowbelles mentorship and training program is important for several reasons.
The arts promote teamwork.

The Carolina Snowbelles rely on the concept of teamwork for success.  Precision dance naturally promotes the concept of working together as skills are learned and executed both in rehearsals and performances.  Each dancer brings a unique set of capabilities to our troupe, and through reflection and teamwork, we are able to blend the individual strengths into a coherent whole.


"My daughter has been dancing for several years, but dancing with the Snowbelles was a completely new experience for her.  This style of dance requires an awareness of the dancers around you more so than other styles. It also requires cooperation and humility. The group comes before the individual. That was a great learning opportunity for my 10 year old!" 


- Amy

The arts build self esteem.

Studies show that involvement with the arts provides unparalleled opportunities for learning that enable young people to reach for and attain higher levels of achievement (Fiske 1999).  In the Carolina Snowbelles, dancers have the freedom to express themselves and to work towards a common goal.  This effort builds their sense of self and allows them to grow together with other like-minded dancers.


"Dancing with the Carolina Snowbelles allowed Emma Kate to experience high quality, professional instruction as she worked to perfect a challenging yet fun dance. She thrived in the encouraging yet demanding atmosphere which allowed her to not only grow as a dancer but to feel proud of her work."

- Anna

The arts build mentorship.

John C. Maxwell said, "One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.”  The Carolina Snowbelles is a troupe comprised of pre-teen, adolescent, and adult women.  This combination allows for healthy mentorship within the organization, as the more seasoned dancers are able to assist the younger members of the troupe with time management, appropriate rehearsal etiquette, and public performance protocol. Although these skills are certainly valuable in the dance studio and on the performance stage, they also help to foster essential life skills including poise, conscientiousness, and confidence.


"My daughter was ready to give up dancing. She felt frustrated at the lack of local opportunities to grow as a dancer compared to bigger cities. Thank goodness for Ms. Cutlip and The Snowbelles! When she auditioned it was clear that her abilities, compared to expectations of the challenging routines, were border-line. But, Ms. Cutlip saw something in her, told her she believed in her, and gave her a chance. Through The Snowbelles and Ms. Cutlip's leadership, she has learned the value and payoff of really hard work, has grown significantly as a dancer, and rediscovered her passion for dance. She now says she wants to pursue dancing in college and beyond. Her confidence has grown and that has carried over into school and other areas of her life beyond dance. As her mom, the smile on her face and the joy she has when performing, mirrored by the faces of the audience, says it all!”

- Heather

The arts build community.

Community is where life happens.The Carolina Snowbelles are committed to serving the Boone, Blowing Rock, and surrounding communities by offering live performances and sharing in the pride of North Carolina.  Dancers will have the opportunity to meet people within their communities who are helping to further their success.


""The Snowbelles provide an amazing opportunity for dancers all ages to perform in many types of venues. They are very fortunate to have the expertise and creativity of Cheryl Cutlip, who was a former choreographer for the Rockettes. She is very talented with teaching all ages and levels of dancers. We can't wait to see what the Snowbelles have in store for next year! The Snowbelles' hard work and dedication makes for an impressive show, but the smiles on their faces portray the fun they all have while dancing and entertaining together!

- Brenda

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